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Case Study: Hair Dressing Salon

Hair Dressing Salon

Mr & Mrs Walker had been running a successful hair dressing business for over 20 years until Mrs Walker became ill with depression. Mr Walker who worked part time keeping the books struggled to maintain the levels of business because much of the clientele loyalty was based on Mrs Walker cutting their hair. Despite employing a replacement senior stylist the business revenue fell and with the additional staff cost it eventually had to close.

Mr & Mrs Walker were due a claim for redundancy as were the staff they employed. Due to Mrs Walker’s illness she did not have the appetite to try and understand and make the applications for redundancy. Mr Walker did not feel he could further stress his wife by attempting to make the claims for them both.

The liquidators involved were sympathetic to their position and recommended speaking to Redundancy Claim. Redundancy Claim Case Managers are specially trained to explain their role, the application process and time scales in a straight forward and matter of fact manner. For Mr & Mrs Walker they were able to support them through the application process by doing everything for them. This even went as far as gathering supporting documents and information from their accountant and the liquidator directly to avoid as much stress or trouble as possible.

Once the case specifics were pieced together from the supporting documents the claim could be submitted at the maximum level allowed which is supported by the relevant legislation. All Mr & Mrs Walker had to do was sign off each stage of the application and apart from that everything else was done for them.

Mr & Mrs Walker subsequently received in excess of £30,000 between them. This was a life changing amount of money for them at their time of life and a positive lift in a very difficult period of their lives.

Many directors don't consider themselves to meet the criteria and don't claim when they have a legitimate right to.

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