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What can you claim for?

Redundancy depends on:

  • How long you have been in the job
  • Your age at the time you cease trading
  • Your current salary – up to a maximum of £479 per week (£490 in Northern Ireland)

There is an overall maximum amount of redundancy pay you can get at £14,250, even if your actual earnings are higher or your length of service is longer than this. Only complete years of service count and service has to be continuous. 

Here’s what you should get: 
Your age            Redundancy pay
Under 22            Half a week’s pay for each year of service
22 to 40               A week’s pay for each year of service
Over 40               A week and a half’s pay for each year of service

Pay in Lieu of notice
When you’re made redundant your employee has to give you a minimum of one weeks notice for each year you’ve worked for them (up to a maximum of 12 weeks notice £5,748.00). 

Unpaid Wages
Up to 8 weeks 

Unpaid Holidays
Up to 6 weeks holiday pay

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