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RCUK Update Newsletter June 2021

Investing In People

Our team are at the heart and forefront of what we do. RCUK have always appreciated the contribution that the individual staff make to the business and how they work cohesively as a team and support each other. In the last few months RCUK have invested in staff development and partnered with a third-party specialist. They have embarked on a project to assess, review, and support each individual team member’s role in the business and to identify and support their personal development and career aspirations. The first phase has been completed and required each staff member to complete a personal profile via a confidential online questionnaire. The specialist will talk each person through their profile, exploring their results to help them understand their individual report and answer any queries they might have.  It will focus on their career aspirations, reviewing how they see themselves progressing at Redundancy Claims UK, possible future roles and responsibilities, their strengths, and areas to improve to progress into other roles.  The specialist will then support our directors in devising bespoke individual personal development programmes (PDP). Additional phases will assess how the PDPs can be developed and implemented.

The company has strong leadership which facilitates growth but is also needs to take the employees along on the RCUK journey so that any growth is sustainable. Employee development and employee satisfaction plays a major part in this growth.

As we look to the future and increased sales and claims to be processed, we have looked at staffing levels and jobs roles. We have recruited an additional sales administrator to support our sales team. We also have an employee returning from maternity leave who has transferred from our accounts to team to the case management team as part of her career development. We have also retained her maternity cover to provide additional support and strength to the accounts team.

Spotlight on the Sales Team

The sales team is headed by our Director Gary Addison who leads an efficient and highly motivated sales force. We very much appreciate the support we are given by IP’s and the importance of nurturing our stakeholder relationships. We are aware that the acquisition cost per lead to the IP is considerable and therefore it is of paramount importance we speak to the director immediately. Our service level monitoring identifies that 99% of email and phone calls are dealt with within 10 min of receiving the enquiry.  All calls are dealt with in a professional manner where we assess eligibility of the director to make a claim and provide an illustration of the likely value of each element of redundancy pay, arrears of pay, holiday pay and notice pay.

Claims are maximised by applying our extensive knowledge of employment legislation and case law. Knowledge is updated through regular training sessions and support from our in-house compliance consultant and retained specialist employment barrister, Tim Kenward. A recent example of our support to directors can be demonstrated by our recent work in relation to The Working Time (Coronavirus) (Amendment) Regulations 2020 and carrying over of holiday pay. We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, and we never use any heavy pressure sales techniques. We offer the director informative guidance as to the options open to them which runs in conjunction with specialist guidance and support provided by the IP.

Investing in Processes

The pandemic (as with many businesses) has had a temporary impact on RCUK but we have used the time wisely and have invested extensively to prepare the company to accommodate the upcoming increase in sales calls and therefore redundancy applications.  We have transferred our sales calls technology to a new provider that better services the needs of the business and the client and meets our regulatory compliance requirement of recording and monitoring calls. We use a bespoke case management system, and we can adapt and modify the system to meet the needs of the business including any changes in employment law and RPS requirements. This has been particularly beneficial in the creation and interfacing with the RCUK’s new IP and Director Portals.

IP Portal

The IP Portal is a bespoke system designed specifically to interact with our case management software. It will provide the IP with a unique log on identity. Once logged on the IP can see in real time the status of all director redundancy claims in which they operate as the liquidator and where RCUK represent the director or the employee. This will enable the IP to identify any documents that they have in their possession and upload them where applicable to support the claim. It will also identify when payments have been made by the RPS in each element of the claim which may be of particular importance if the director (and the IP) is relying on the RPS payments to meet the SOA fees.

Directors Portal

The director’s portal operates in a similar fashion to the IP Portal in that it is a bespoke piece of software which allows an individual to access in real time the progress of their claim. It will identify any documents that the director needs to submit and will provide details of the original sales illustration, the expected payment for each element of the claim and the actual payments that have been received. The portal is intended to reduce the number of calls and e mails that the case management team currently undertake in providing updates to clients which in turn will provide the team with more productive time to process claims. The Portal will also clearly identify whether any delay is based on waiting for information form the client so delays should be minimised.      

Our technology improvements create a more proactive than reactive claims environment. It will allow us to scale up the operation and to ensure sustainability in the market as well as crystallising our position as market leader in the field of directors’ redundancy claims. Both clients and IP can see the status of claims on a real time 24/7 365-day basis and the system is interactive allowing both the IP and the director to download documents required by the RPS to facilitate a more efficient and expedient claims process.

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