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Redundancy Payments Office – Business as Usual

As the Covid – 19 crisis develops I have been asked on several occasions what’s happening with the Redundancy Payments Service (“RPS”)? Are they still working? I have also noticed some general confusion on this matter in various communications and articles from various IPs or their staff.

I can confirm that the RPS is still working and processing redundancy applications through a skeletal office based staff and home working. They have closed their telephone help lines as these can’t be managed via home working and have set up online web services so applicants can get answers to frequently asked questions and effectively self serve.

The RPS are dealing with progression of claims through email only and we have not seen a slow down in the speed of processing claims or responses to issues or queries raised via email.

The RPS are continuing to pay claims within their six week internal target and in some cases sooner.

By canvassing multiple IP firms across the UK we have not identified any major issues with RP14 uploads and the upload portal or general communications between IPs and the RPS. With phone lines closed the only difference for general communication is now everything has to be done by email.

The RPS, like most government departments, have been planning for this situation for some time and whilst we cant say it is ‘business as usual’ to date we have not seen a degradation in levels of service from the RPS. Credit where credits due the RPS appear to be handling this situation very well and given the number of claims RCUK currently submit to them on behalf of directors if there was a problem we would certainly know about it.

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