Why Us?

At Redundancy Claims UK, we possess the following:

  • The experience to assist company directors pre and post insolvency
  • Over 40 years of insolvency experience and knowledge to assist directors through the redundancy claim process
  • The staff who understand the laws and rules which govern making a legitimate claim
  • A relationship with the Redundancy Payment Service with knowledge of how they operate

Our experienced, director-led team are leading the way across the UK in the area of director redundancy claims, backed by over 40 years' experience working with business owners and the insolvency sector.

We are a professional yet highly approachable team with the sole intention of ensuring company directors are aware of their right to claim redundancy and other statutory entitlements. This is, after all, what we all pay National Insurance for.

With a nationwide network of offices, no director is out of reach and we are happy to provide free consultations over the phone and even a free face-to-face meeting if necessary. To many company directors, redundancy is a complex area but to us, it is a process of ascertaining eligibility and from that point, we can quickly work towards attaining that redundancy payout on your behalf.

Our knowledgeable team can answer any questions you may have, and can advise on any potential TUPE issues which require careful planning to protect company directors and employees (where applicable). We can even provide a detailed business review if required, and assist with employee redundancy claims if necessary.


When a director enquires to us about potential redundancy payments, we:

- Analyse their case on the same day

- Qualify their claim and advise them of the next steps

- Plan discussions with their insolvency practitioner if the claim is valid


Why you should have confidence in RedundancyClaim.co.uk?

  • We have the expertise to assist company directors pre and post insolvency
  • Our experienced team can quickly calculate your claim value
  • We ensure your staff can be looked after
  • We assess the risk of TUPE
  • Our experience immediately reduces the possibility of rejection, under claiming, and the possibility of employment tribunal proceedings
  • The director only pays our fee once they have been paid

Many directors do not consider themselves to meet the criteria and don't claim when they have a legitimate right to
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