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Our experienced, industry-leading team are on hand to help company directors with their claim process.

We help you through the statutory redundancy claim process - both pre-liquidation and post-liquidation.
Our largest successful claim to date is £26,359.70.

About Redundancy Claims UK

If you are a director of a limited company – which has been trading for over two years – and you are considering closing the company due to financial struggles (i.e. HMRC debts, creditor pressure, cash flow worries, potential insolvency), it is likely that you can claim for director redundancy for which the average UK claim is £9,000*

In addition, it's likely you can claim for other statutory entitlements such as notice pay, holiday pay and unpaid wages - yet many company directors are not aware that these entitlements are available to them.

At, we have over 40 years of insolvency experience and, through working closely with the Redundancy Payment Service, a wealth of knowledge with how the redundancy process works.

*The average claim value is calculated based on the average years of service, average gross wage and average age of clients for all claims submitted over any twelve month rolling period

Many directors don't consider themselves to meet the criteria and don't claim when they have a legitimate right to.

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