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Quick Director Redundancy Calculator

The quickest way to ascertain whether you qualify for director redundancy is to use our Quick 60 Second Calculator:

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To put director redundancy claims into perspective, more than 75,000 claims were received by the Redundancy Payments Service throughout 2015, of which many were from company directors. The total amount of these successful redundancy claims was £276,708,000 which was paid out from the National Insurance Fund.

Despite this, many directors – with companies going through a formal insolvency procedure such as liquidation – do not realise they have a legitimate claim to redundancy. Of those that are aware of their statutory rights, many have their claim rejected because they fail to make their claim correctly. In fact, when directors attempt to claim redundancy themselves without professional assistance, we estimate 50% of these claims are thrown out by the Redundancy Payments Service. The slightest error, inconsistency, blank, or misnomer will lead to an instant redundancy claim rejection.

In contrast, our claim success rate is 98%.

Early advice is key. Taking action after your company is liquidated could prevent you from claiming your statutory entitlements either in part or in full that you are entitled to – there is little time to waste.

Our numbers speak for themselves

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