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We are currently undergoing urgent maintenance and will not be processing any new claims at this time.

We expect this matter to be resolved shortly.

How our Easy Process works

Our Process

Our experienced team can quickly establish whether you have a valid claim for director redundancy for which there is absolutely no fee and no obligation - with our very simple process.

Free Review

Our experienced team quickly establish if you have a valid claim for director redundancy - absolutely no fee and no obligation.

Icon Review

Once your position has been reviewed and it has been established that you have a valid claim, we will assess the value based on specific criteria.

Icon Assessed

The most crucial part of the process is the application, in which we are hugely experienced. It is a complex area, one mistake will invalidate your claim. We can help.

Icon Application

Our success rate is extraordinarily high, which derives from our thorough review and assessment process. Simply put, once we know you have a valid claim, we will not let you down.

Icon Approval

Our experienced, industry-leading team are on-hand to help.

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Andrew Read


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Gary Addison


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Phil Preston



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