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Did you know that many company directors can claim redundancy when their company enters liquidation?

Our experienced, industry-leading team are on-hand to help company directors through their statutory redundancy claim process both pre-liquidation and post-liquidation. Our largest successful claim to date is £22,608.

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About Redundancy Claim


home-imageIf you are a director of a limited company – which has been trading for over two years – and you are considering closing the company due to financial struggles (i.e. HMRC debts, creditor pressure, cash flow worries, potential insolvency), it is likely that you can claim for director redundancy for which the average UK claim is £12,000. In addition, it's likely you can claim for other statutory entitlements such as notice pay, holiday pay and unpaid wages - yet many company directors are not aware that these entitlements are available to them.

Even if your company is already in the process of liquidation or has recently been liquidated, it is likely that you can still claim for post insolvency redundancy payments in addition to other statutory entitlements i.e. notice pay, holiday pay and unpaid wages.

It is truly remarkable how many UK company directors are unaware of their statutory right to claim monetary entitlements when their business has gone into liquidation. It is often a highly emotional, stressful and financially-challenging time for a director when their company has been wound up and awareness of their legitimate right to a redundancy payment could make a huge difference in softening the blow of their livelihood coming to an end.

At RedundancyClaim.co.uk, we have over 40 years of insolvency experience and, through working closely with the Redundancy Payment Service, a wealth of knowledge with how the redundancy process works. Our team wholly understands the laws which govern making a legitimate redundancy claim and, in recent years, we have invested in internal systems to the benefit of making the claim process as efficient as possible for all UK company directors.


Many directors do not consider themselves to meet the criteria and don't claim when they have a legitimate right to
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So, Do You Qualify For Director Redundancy Payments?


We understand that an insolvency process can be complex enough; that's why we also work closely with your Insolvency Practitioner to take the strain out of the process and ensure your claim is being managed effectively.

In some cases, directors of insolvent companies regularly under-claim their statutory entitlement to redundancy payments. Our expert and experienced team ensure that you maximise your claim by coordinating its submission to the Redundancy Payments Service (RPS) with your Insolvency Practitioner and help make sure the claim is paid out without being subjected to an expensive tribunal.




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